Our Services: Telegram Massive Inviting People to Group/Telegram Invitation Software

We are Magician Workshop under Candy51.com, and we are undertaking telegram related business.

Telegram Business

We offer:

  1. Fast Telegram Community Building: Inviting Active Telegram User To Your Group Within a Day (ONLY do more than 10k people)
  2. Sell Telegram Invitation Software (Hands On Free Teaching)
  3. Sell Telegram User Scraper Software
  4. Sell Active/Premium Telegram Users Info (Crypto/Blockchain Game/Gambling/Exchang, etc)
  5. Sell/Develop Telegram Bot with all kinds of functions to serve your needs

We ONLY accept: ETH/BTC/BCH/LTC/USDT payments


  1. Telegram: mss0876
  2. Wechat: mss0876

Add Followers and Comments to your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Public Account



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